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Real Girl’s Web-Series Crush-o-the-Week! April 2, 2010

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Just had lunch the other day with one of my favorite web-series creators, Ruth Livier. If you haven’t seen her show YLSE yet… check it out at http://www.Ylse.net.  Ruth is not only the writer and EP, but also plays the title character, Ylse, a Mexican-American TV journalist whose aspirations of having her own talk show (on her terms) comes into conflict with the corporate media’s agenda to build viewership through increasing her cup-size (we think Ylse and Rasha would totally hit it off!) WGA members might recognize Ruth from the recent cover of Written By.  She was the first web-series producer to sign on to the Guild’s New Media agreement that resulted from the 2007-08 writer’s Strike. You may also recognize her from her frequent film and TV appearances including Resurrection Blvd for which she received an ALMA nomination.

It was so cool to meet someone who is so passionate about her series, not just as a vehicle to show her considerable acting and writing chops, but because Ylse is a story that she wanted to tell. Like Real Girls, Ylse’s story comes out of the desire to see new and different (and more REAL) kinds of representation. So go check her out… and see why Real Girl’s has a BIG FAT CRUSH on http://www.ylse.net.



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