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Got intern? August 11, 2010

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Just wanted to introduce everyone to the newest member of the Real Girl’s support team… Tara Tomicevic, our intern!!! (That’s right we have an intern now, can you believe it?) And not only is Tara fantastically awesome & genius at all things “new media”…but she’s a seriously talented actor (check out her reel at www.TaraTomicevic.com)

Tara Tomicevic was born in Croatia and has lived in Italy, New York, Utah, Sacramento, and just graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Mass Communications. As a child, Tara switched dream careers every week: criminal lawyer, Ginger Spice, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, NASA astronaut, wife of a Backstreet Boy, advertising executive, TV entertainment anchor, producer/director/writer/one-woman cast of Mrs. Doubtfire, and AC Milan midfielder. Once she realized that she was only interested in these careers superficially, rationality reared its gorgeous head and actor was the only career that made any sense at all. Tara is thrilled to finally be in LA! www.TaraTomicevic.com

Welcome aboard, Tara!!


To find out how YOU can help the support the cause of creating more awesome girl-powered comedy, please check out our Real Girl’s Season 2 Fundraising site (All donations are tax deductable!)

Also, if you are a Los Angeles area actor we have a special fundraising event coming up on  8/15 that’s just for you! Details here!



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