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Ask the Girls!


Job(s): artist/graphic designer/apartment manager
Likes: your ass
Dislikes: your mom
Style: bargain basement bohemian/yard sale/Rasha & Vanna’s “Good Will” pile
Last read: Variations in Red: An Artist’s Guide to Painting with Menstrual Blood by Flo Harris
Current project: Growing out body hair to use in installation piece


Job(s): Nurse/aspiring actress.
Likes: kitties, bunnies, puppies, anything with the name “Angie” on it. Anything ending in an “e” sound.
Dislikes: orifices
Style: Pastel or print scrubs. Anything with Teddy Bears and/or rainbows
Last read: Love, Lunch and a Macy’s sale: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Mr. Right Portfolio by Linda L. Joy, DDS
Current projects: organizing headband collection by color, creating vision board from old “People” magazines


Job(s): Lead singer of indie rock band/Fashionista/IT Consultant.
Likes: fixing other people’s fashion mistakes
Dislikes: fanny packs
Style: “Shopping is really a form of tithing. I like to think of it as giving back to the community both financially and aesthetically.”
Last read: How to Create Minions and Improve Your Friends’ Taste by E.M. Cameron, CTO
Current projects: Rasha


Job: freelance journalist
Likes: Dodging bombs, exposing corruption, dismantling patriarchy, saving the world.
Dislikes: Body glitter
Style: The Gap (men’s section)
Last read: The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
Current projects: “The Women’s History of Afghanistan” 



Job: book editor
Style: Vintage 1920s-50s
Likes: cooking, reading, floral design, obsessing over punctuation.
Last read: My Big Fat Lesbian Wedding by Suze and DJ Greene
Dislikes: Vanna
Current projects: Marrying Rasha


Got a question for the REAL GIRLS? Whether it’s how to build body armor out of recycled jeep parts or what to wear on a first date – we’ve got REAL answers! See below!!


1. TroubledTanya - July 28, 2009

Dear Real Girls,

I’ve been invited to a wedding of an old boyfriend and I have this really awesome red Vera Wang dress that I’m dying to of wear. However, it’s a little low cut and I don’t want to appear “slutty” or like I’m not over him. At the same time I wouldn’t mind reminding him just a teensy bit about what he’s missing out on. What should I do?



2. therealgirlsguide - July 28, 2009

Dear Red-Dread,

Forget the dress. During the vows pour a bucket of menstrual blood (ala “Carrie”) over your head and then if the guests don’t run from the hall in horror… start throwing tampons at them.

warmly, Sydney

I would go with something a little more understated, like a blouse and a matching skort, in gray. I would then lean against a gray wall. When the ceremony starts, try to think about something else. Like what kind of pony you would buy if you had the money.

huggies, Angie

Weddings are a time for renewal. Forget the past. Completely. Pretend like the two of you had never dated before and that this is not so much a wedding but a cotillion and that you are the guest of honor. Wear the red dress, have it taken in, add a little ass-padding and don’t be shy about giving “the girls” a nice “boost.” If the bride can’t handle a little competition she doesn’t deserve to get married anyway.

Blessings, Vanna

Weddings are ultimately about misplaced nostalgia for patriarchal systems of the past. You have better things to do than try and play out this culturally-scripted hetero-normative-drama. Why don’t you use this energy to write a novel or run a country or something?


Weddings are all about the bride, don’t ever forget that. It’s her day. Your only job is to make her feel comfortable, love and supported. Maybe you should think about giving her a foot-rub instead of plotting how to distract the groom.

sincerely, Liz

3. Almost a Lez - August 4, 2009

Dear Real Girls,

I usually only date men, but lately I have been finding myself attracted to women! But the idea of dating a woman and getting wrapped up in all that crazy female drama gives me the heebie-jeebies, ya know? What do you think? Is it worth it to take the leap and stay open to both sexes or simpler to just stick with the dudes?

-Almost a Lez

4. therealgirlsguide - October 12, 2009

Dear Almost a Lez – I have one thing to say to you:

warmly, Sydney

5. DIY Success « The Scene Partner - January 14, 2010

[…] The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else: Original female-driven webseries produced and starring fellow theater company colleagues. […]

6. NATALIA - February 12, 2010

Congratulations for the web series. I’ve seen episode 1 and i liked it.
I’m a fan of web series and I found this show has very good performance, Rasha (Robin) rules. I wish I could say tons of words to congratulate all but I’m not so good at english.
I’m from Argentina (spanish spoken)
Technical: it’s so nice to see a web series with such a great photography, with a good use of the light, I don’t know how to say it but we call it “luz quemada” like a burned light, to have a spot of very white light over the scene.
Good luck!

7. Then the Roman Empire fell… » Blog Archive » Valentine’s Love Letter to Some of the Most Creative People I Know that I Could Share a Pot of Caffeinated Beverage With - February 14, 2010
8. andresmacmahon.pen.io - April 29, 2014

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