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The REAL GIRLS return to the Dinah for REVENGE (and Jello Shots) April 1, 2011

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REAL GIRLS on ALHLive November 10th! November 3, 2010

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Next Wednesday (11/10) A. Lawrence Haskins from ALHLive will be interviewing Charles Malik Whitefield (The Guardian, The Temptations), Michael Ralph (Bernie Mac, Blow), our friend Don Wallace (Blue, Resurrection Blvd) and, of course…US!

Check out the trailer for the event:

We’ll be live at 10 am PST.  Live Q&A with viewers following the interview. See ALHLive.com for details.


The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else – Season 2 is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else – Season 2 are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Click HERE to contribute to Season 2!

Real Girls Season 2 brought to you…BY YOU! October 20, 2010

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Crashing the Carpet: Real Girls at Hollyshorts August 24, 2010

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So, the HollyShorts Film Festival was a blast! In addition to Real Girl’s winning an Audience Choice Award (YAY!!), the place was practically crawling with celebrities (David Arquette, James Caan, name drop, name drop, name drop), none of whom we actually spoke to, in part because we’re THAT cool and in part because we thought it might interfere with our plans to pass ourselves off as celebrities ourselves.

Real Girls… Jen Weaver, Carmen Elena Mitchell, Nikki Brown and Reena Dutt looking suspiciously fashionable and celebraic…

Heather de Michele, Reena Dutt (again!) and Robin Daléa

Actually, we were not totally positive we were supposed to be ON the Red Carpet…(an email had gone out earlier that week that this was a privilege reserved for “celebrities only”), but as you can see rules meant to be broken and carpets… are meant to be muddied (or as Heather said… “munched”). Either that or we actually ARE celebrities but just haven’t received our official gold-plated membership cards yet (or our first paycheck for opening a theme park).

The day of the screening I ran into two friends that I’d met at OTHER festivals.

I met Robert Factor at the Vine Shorts Festival three years ago when I premiered my short, Evidence. Robert Factor is an awesome filmmaker whose award winning shorts Pleasures and Stuck will be screening at the upcoming San Gabriel International Film Festival.

Kevin Deen and I met at Screamfest last year after a screening of the short film Rations (directed by Real Girl’s intro DP Craig Ouelette and… starring me!). Kevin is an actor and a regular at HollyShorts. He’s a super cool, supportive dude and he even shared his chocolate pudding with me (no, that is not a metaphor for anything, grow up, Reena!).

And here’s some amazing ladies I met at our screening block: Cindy Baer star of the short Scream Queen (written/directed by Elisabeth Fies) and Tracey Birdsall-Smith writer/producer and star of “Tick Tock”.

Finally, here’s a random picture David Arquette (he had a 3-D short which premiered on opening night).

I did not take this picture. I grabbed it off the HollyShorts website in hopes that you would come looking for someone slightly more famous and find Real Girl’s instead.  Tricked ya!

Okay, gotta run. Have a theme park to open up.


Robin’s Video Interview with Gay Magazine July 23, 2010

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So, a couple weeks ago (in between the Real Girl’s screening at the NY’s Out of the Box LGBTQ Fest and her Pride-Parade paddling) Robin Daléa (Rasha) sat down with Natasia Langfelder from Gay Magazine and chatted about everything from Rasha’s celebrity “to do” list to aspirations of having her very own “bra-mailing” fans. As an extra bonus she managed to offend a random New Yorker who was passing by…

Wanna mail Robin your bra? Before you do…consider this…your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation can help keep the Robin and the Real Girl’s in bras for seasons to come! Or maybe not in bras… who knows? Maybe in tanks? Or nipple rings?

See our fundraising page for details on how YOU can get involved in Real Girl’s Season II (and find out how YOU can get a character named after YOU!!)

And if you STILL really want Robin to have your bra..let her know on her fan page at:

Robin Daléa’s Facebook Page


The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else Facebook Page

You make Real Girl’s…a reality!

Big, sloppy, wet ones

– Carmen

My Big Fat Gay Weekend July 1, 2010

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Hello, Dear Real Girls Fans!  Robin Daléa (Rasha) here.  I had the pleasure of being in NYC last weekend not only for Pride Weekend, but also for the first ever Out Of The Box LGBTQ Web Series Festival! Sadly, my Real Girls co-stars couldn’t join me, but I did my very best to represent! I took some drinks – I mean, notes – so I could relay the evening back to all of you.  So grab a cosmo…or a Hefeweizen …or a hazelnut latte…and read on…

The Festival…

On Saturday, June 26, the cool folks at Novo Novus Productions (also the producers of the quirky web series Drama Queenz) hosted the festival in the funky, intimate bar at New World Stages. Yummy hors d’vours and sangria were provided and the atmosphere was laid back and welcoming. (After all, it was 93 degrees and humid in the city that day, so your attire had to be casual and your attitude grateful for air conditioning!)

The mission statement of Out Of The Box goes like this:

Out Of The Box is dedicated to bringing greater awareness to the high-quality LGBTQ programming making waves on the web, and honoring the visionaries and artistic trailblazers who are filling the diversity void in traditional media.

So, needless to say, it was an honor for Real Girls to be a part of the first annual festival. And I can personally say that the evening lived up to the festival’s goal.  Although I knew of some of the series there that night, I had not had a chance to really view them all prior to the event.  I was more than pleasantly surprised by the diverse, original and high-level productions included in the line up.  (Check them out for yourself – a list of all the screened web series and attendees can be found here: http://otbfest.blogspot.com/)  Broken down into segments of “Life,” “Love,” and “Laughter,” each segment screened about six shows (five minutes each) and then a talk back.  (Real Girls was in the Laughter section, ‘natch.)

With all the great stories and topics covered in the screeners, the interviewers had their discussion topics cut out for them.  Here are just some bullet points of core discussions that could have gone on for hours:

  • utilizing the accessibility of web series to reach people in the fly over states who may not have access to an LGBTQ community
  • demonstrating inclusiveness by showing that LGBTQ folks are in every neighborhood and their lives and dreams aren’t much different than straight folks
  • creating talk shows that cover the diverse LGBTQ artists in every city
  • building a show around characters without it being an “issue” show
  • casting around chemistry, not race
  • questioning if the search for love is different in the LGBTQ community
  • using real stories like ex-gay recovery movements to create comedic storylines
  • using comedy and silly stereotypes to access the real topics so discussions can follow

So you can see, each of these discussions could’ve been the focus of a festival. The hosts kept the evening tight though, and made sure everyone was finished in time to move on to other late-night pride weekend events.

Overall, the evening had a great display of talent, support and potential media-changing shows.  Clearly, the LGBTQ community continues to get more and more coverage as the Internet reaches further and further. And this is how we normalize diversity, my sisters and brothers.

Out Of The Box photos on their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-York-NY/Out-of-the-Box-LGBTQ-Web-Series-Festival/133419193338363?ref=ts

It’s a PARADE….

Sunday was my last day in the city, so I sweltered in the subway down to Christopher Street and then sweltered in the humid 90 degree day to see what I could of the parade.  I wasn’t disappointed.

For any New Yorker like myself that now lives in L.A., returning to the Big Apple is like returning to civilization. It’s not just the sheer number of people, nor the fact that you’re forced to rub elbows with all of them that makes the city feel like home.  It’s the real, down home, inescapable diversity that reminds one that the world is filled with a variety of colors, ages, shapes, sizes and styles – a diversity that is under-represented in mainstream TV and film. Which is why web series like The Real Girls and all of the Out Of The Box participants strive to represent those communities through new media.

What I enjoyed most about the Pride Parade were the diverse cultures represented not only in the parade, but also in the crowd. And of course, the drag queens who rocked those heels better than I ever could. And the fabulous outfits (and lack thereof) that would outdo even Vanna. And the spontaneous spanking I got from a stranger and her Pleasure Chest paddle.

I took tons of pictures and they really speak better than any words I could offer.  So take a look.  Enjoy.  Pretend you were there. Wave your rainbow flag and spank somebody.