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From NPR

“…diversity influences the plot without dictating it. That all sounds noble, but — as you can see in the trailer — it’s also darn funny…I hope that a move from online to basic cable is in its future.”

From Bitch Magazine

“The diverse cast and well-crafted dialogue emphasize that female talking points go well beyond love trouble an expensive footwear.”

From India West

“…a funny and refreshing break from the media images of primped, moussed and stiletto-heeled women being spoon-fed to us by reality TV and ‘Sex and the City’.”

From Tubefilter.TV

Strike.TV has always been open to series tackling the subject of sexuality and gender, with Anyone But Me being included in its initial release and continuing to be one of its most popular and award-winning series to date. And with the premiere of The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else, Strike.TV continues its commitment to celebrating and exploring varying lifestyles and relationships….”

From Alterna-tv.com

With only a handful of companies owning the vast majority of television networks and cable channels in the country, as well as the difficulty of breaking into the industry and finding success, it is doubtful that Carmen Elena Mitchell would have had the opportunity to tell her version of life and friendship through mainstream media. By combining quality writing and acting, along with top-notch directing by Heather de Michele, Mitchell instead created a solid and funny webseries that not only adds to the entertainment value of the budding new genre, but proves that the Internet can be the defining equalizer for television just as it has for other mediums.

From Skirt.com

“The show aims to reflect the lives of a diverse group of women, and in that regard it succeeds where SATC failed to tread. And, it manages to do so without being preachy. It is not a show about lesbianism or the ethnicity of the characters; those factors just come into play as part of the humor that is every day life. As one fan commented on the show’s website, “this is hilarious and cutting and thank god intelligent TV.”

From Cherry Grrl –

“Best part is, the comedy is actually funny…its originality comes in that it is about four women and their friendship, and not four women befriended in their quest for a man. The fact that it sports such a (rare!) diverse cast is an appreciated bonus.”

From I Advocate Feminism

“Is this a step towards an independent feminist media? We could be looking at the future here as far as the way shows are produced using the tools of today’s brave new world.”

From Jezabel (reposted from Racialicous)

“..I love how the creators took the idea to address the idea of liberation. I need a little gif icon of this woman saying “This is your idea of equality,” while holding out a book that reads Love, Lunch, and a Macy’s Sale.”


NPR (with Real Girl’s cast)

AFTER ELLEN (with Carmen Elena Mitchell)

GO MAGAZINE (with Carmen Elena Mitchell, Reena Dutt and Jen Weaver)

MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE (with Director Heather de Michele)

TELEVISUAL (with Carmen Elena Mitchell)

CHERRY GRRL (with Carmen Elena Mitchell)

CHERRY GRRL (“lightening round” with Robin Daléa, Nikki Brown, Jennifer Weaver, Reena Dutt, Carmen Elena Mitchell & Heather de Michele)

TURTLIST MEDIA (with Reena Dutt)


FEMINIST MAGAZINE KPFK 90.7 FM (with Carmen Elena Mitchell, Reena Dutt and Jen Weaver)

KERRI SMITH (POD CAST with Real Girl’s Cast)

AUDREY MAGAZINE (with Reena Dutt)

WRITE ON ONLINE (with Carmen Elena Mitchell)

PURPLE PENCIL ADVENTURES (with Carmen Elena Mitchell)

GAY MAGAZINE (VIDEO with Robin Deléa)


LEZGETREAL with Robin Daléa, Nikki Brown, Reena Dutt, Jen Weaver, Carmen Elena Mitchell & Heather de Michele

ALHLive Video Podcast with the cast

Race and Identity in Fandom: Praxis (Essay by Aymar Jean Christian)

Real Girls Calendar

March 17th RADIO INTERVIEW – on KPFK 90.7 Feminist Magazine, 7pm

February 23rd -THE GIRLFRIEND PARTY sponsored by the City of West Hollywood and Yelp! Real Girls will be the featured guest and the series wlll screen through out evening. Click to RSVP.

March 26-28th – Real Girl’s screening at LA Web FEST

April 3rd – THE DINAH – Real Girls will be bringin it at “The Battle of the Lesbian Webseries.

April 24th – Real Girls will be the featured guests at the RED ORCHID FEMALE FILM FEST in Philedelphia.

May 17th – LGBT activist and coach Kerri Smith interviews “The Girls” on her live weekly show, 6 pm PST.

May 27th  – Tony Cox, guest host of the NPR show “Tell Me More” interviews “The Girls” about the parallels between Real Girls and Sex and the City.  All in conjunction with the release of SATC2! Also, nice write up by producer, Alicia Montgomery, in herNPR blog.

June 26th – Real Girl’s screening at OUT OF THE BOX LGBTQ WEB FEST in NYC.

August 8th – Real Girl’s screening at the MICHIGAN WOMYN’S MUSIC FEST (9:30 pm “Movies Under the Stars”)

August 12th – Real Girl’s screening at the HOLLYSHORTS FILM FEST (2pm).

July 31st-August 7th – Real Girl’s Screening at THE GAY GAMES IN COLOGNE GERMANY.

October 5th – 140 CHARACTER CONFERENCE (Creator Carmen Elena Mitchell speaks on the writer’s panel AT 10:55 AM)

October 25th – Real Girl’s Screening at THE BEVERLY HILLS FILM, TV AND NEW MEDIA FESTIVAL (5:15PM)

October 26th – Producer Reena Dutt speaks at Lesbian Looks Film Series at University of Arizona

November 10th – Live Video interview with ALH Live

April 1 & 2, 2011 Real Girl’s REVENGE! Watch the Real Girls battle it out in the Battle of Lesbian Webseries at The Dinah!

October 18, 2011 Screening at NewFilmmakersLA

March 10, 2012  FOCUS: Behind the Scene with Women Filmmakers – Real Girl’s Creator, Carmen Elena Mitchell, will be speaking on the Web Panel at Loyola Marymount!



Off-Chance Productions is please to announce the nomination our critically acclaimed one women show Shaheed: The Dream and Death of Benzir Bhutto for two Ovation Awards (best production & best actress)!

Off-Chance Productions will be premiering it’s 3rd original stage play, The Limitations of Genetic Technology by Luis Arturo Reyes on Novemeber 13, 2010. More info at: http://www.geneticlimitations.com/

Real Girl’s wins Audience Choice at Holly Short Fest!

Robin Dalea wins “Outstanding Achievement as an Actress Award” for her portrayal of  Real Girl “Rasha” at LA Web Fest!!!



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